SatoshiDICE Bitcoin Games Site

Satoshi Dice is a Bitcoin casino. According to their web page, Satoshi Dice runs on a vintage Nokia cell phone that had been deserted in the Tokyo metro. This mobile phone spontaneously started to run an artificial intelligence that feeds from the ghost of Satoshi Nakamoto, an adorable chick that is furthermore the creator of Bitcoin. Seriously though, this casino is known as a timeless throughout the Bitcoin online community. It was actually at first put together by the BitcoinTalk discussion board user FireDuck back in 2012 and later on popularized by the well-known Bitcoin evangelist Erik Voorhees.

Deposits are credited after a single confirmation and cashouts are instant using a 0.0001 charge. This may be increased since it in some cases is simply too small for cashouts for getting confirmed in the earliest block once the cashout is broadcasted.

The wagering adventure is fairly self-explanatory. Gamers pick the probabilities, pick the amount to wager and “roll the dice”. The graphical user interface is built clearly and is also easy-to-use.


Unfortunately, Satoshi Dice do not allow players connecting from the U . S .. If you’re from there, you’re hindered from using the SatoshiDICE and you will have to link up through an off shore Virtual private network or proxy. However betting on the blockchain game will probably remain open to everybody since it is essentially impossible to determine from where a Bitcoin transfer is made.


SatoshiDICE provide you with provably fair gaming. A secret string is sent to the game client at a hashed form prior to every bet and they are uncovered instantly subsequently in order for the fairity of the roll can be tested. Players can provide a “client roll” before each bet, so that it is not possible for the site to cheat.

SatoshiDICE should also have a betting script like Prime Dice and various other sites do. Enjoying a martinggale or any other bet series is too complicated to accomplish manually.